When labels are used correctly, the have the ability to make life a little easier. Looking in the kitchen cabinet, you look at the labels to make sure it’s sugar, and not salt, you are putting in your coffee.At the grocery store, you look at the labels to make sure you’re buying whole wheat and not honey wheat bread. 

But what happens when labels are used incorrectly? What happens when a label is a complete misrepresentation of what it has been placed on? You would think that when a label is placed on something, or someone, that an objective conclusion has been reached and the label is a summation of that. Right? Wrong! 

This is not always the case. I encourage you to do your own research and gather your own data, before you accept any label as accurate. Objectivity, and not personal feelings or beliefs, is what solidifies the authenticity of a label. Don’t become a label in your attempt to issue one!

via Daily Prompt: Label

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