Who’s Got Next?

out-let- (as defined by google) – is a means of expressing one’s talents, energy, or emotions. What does this mean for our children? It means that they are provided with an alternative source to display their talents, exert some energy, or express their feelings. What if an outlet wasn’t available for a child who has been faced with hardship? That child is more than likely to express their feelings and focus their energy on partaking in negative activities.

This is why there has been an exponential increase in senseless violence from our youth between the ages of 16-24. THEY NEED MORE OUTLETS, and they need to be made aware of the ones that already exist. That is why programs like the Midnight Basketball League/Program, Inc. (MBLP, Inc.) are so important. With MBLP, Inc., it’s not all about playing basketball. Participants must attend a series of educational awareness sessions with a focus centered on economic development. Change will not happen overnight, but programs like MBLP, Inc gives us a fighting chance to make it happen.

 The youth need our help! If you were given the opportunity to save a life, would you take it? There are too many times where people only talk about helping to create better lives for our children, but they ignore opportunities to do so. Let’s stop talking and start doing!

The 10th Annual “Who’s Got Next” tournament is just around the corner, and they need sponsors. Go to jseworld.org/ver2/donate to show your support for an organization that will help keep our kids safe, while helping us teach them how to be responsible and productive adults. All change is gradual. Let’s help them help us create a better future for our children!


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