Everything and Nothing

Hey ya’ll! I guess I’m just in a mood to write. I don’t have a particular subject I want to talk about, I just want to talk. As you all know, I’m a Social Media Manager/Digital Marketer. One thing I had to learn the hard way is that, there are a lot of valuable programs and people that can teach you how to do what I do, but they don’t teach you how to make money doing what I do. Sounds crazy right? Well, if you think about it, it’s not. Seeing as though everyone is starting to recognize the necessity for a strong online presence to promote their products and/or services, and to support their claims of being “industry leaders”, social media has become the nexus to potential customers.

With that being said, just imagine that I started off with little to no knowledge of what being a social media manager entailed, but I see how rewarding(both financially and psychologically) a career in this field could be. So I decide to take a leap of faith, invest in myself, and purchase a course on social media management. I’m an enthusiastic learner, so I’m digesting everything this course has to offer, making sure I pay attention to every detail because I’m scared of overlooking something that could potentially hinder my greatness. I’m learning so much, compared to what I already knew, and my confidence is building about the direction of my new career path. At the end of the course I have 150 page spiral full of notes, about 25-30 downloads, a brand new website, and the confidence to slay the biggest giant.

Where do I go now? I have learned so much, so why am I not able to apply what I have learned for the purposes of why I learned it? Because I now know how to be a social media manager, but I do not know how to inform the world of my newfound knowledge. This is a service that people pay for, so regardless of how much I know I know, if people can’t verify that I know what I know, then apparently I don’t know it. This is the point at which you feel defeated, when it should be the point at which you prepare yourself to keep pushing. Just think, if you went to a mechanic, and while he was fixing your car he explained to you everything he did and how he did it. That would really help you wouldn’t it? And in your mind you think that this situation is a mutually beneficial transaction right? Wrong. In the mind of this mechanic, if he taught you everything he knew, three things would occur that are completely unacceptable: 1. He would lose you as a customer, 2. You would become his competition, and 3. it’s a chance that the student will become better than the teacher.

This is the part I had to learn the hard way because this is the nature of business. People get paid for what they know, and the more you know, the more you get paid. There is no realistic way I can be upset with my “mechanic” because they taught me what they were paid to teach me. It is now up to me to find creative ways to sell myself, to put myself in a position to sell my services, and I have. Although my ascension is moving at an unfavorable pace, it is moving nonetheless. I guess in the beginning I felt betrayed (just lmao at this) because I felt like I was bamboozled, but I’m an extremely fast learner so I manned-up immediately and began my quest to learn how to market myself. As an entrepreneur I have learned to only have mutually beneficial expectations for myself.

Expectations will kill your dreams when they are not realistic. Objectivity is the key!

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