Know Your Strengths

For those of us who have realized the importance of social media, in terms of marketing, it has either become a career path, an avenue to greater success, or both. It’s understandable, to an extent, why some people still have apprehensions with social media marketing. Traditional advertising has done it for them thus far, so why fix what isn’t broke? Right? Wrong! This is the very thought process that will have you watching your ship sink while you attempt to patch it up with traditional methods.

Your success, and sustainability, depends on your ability to adapt. You don’t have to change what works. You simply have to change the way you do what works. If you have a set budget for television and radio advertising, allocate 20% of the funds from each budget to social media marketing. Now let’s think in terms of ROI. The profits earned from implementing a sound social media marketing campaign will far outweigh the profits earned from money spent on traditional advertising. Who wouldn’t want to spend less to make more?

Maybe you have a strong online presence, but your marketing efforts always fall short of what you’ve projected them to be. You post what you feel is the right content, but you are getting little to no engagement. Typically I would suggest you hire a Social Media Manager, but I understand that some people are not in the financial position to make this kind of life-altering investment. Maybe you just need to know what you are doing wrong so you can fix it yourself. For you I would strongly recommend you get an audit done. Maybe your website is confusing potential customers and they lose interest. Or your content doesn’t appeal to your target audience and you are posting before, or after peak engagement times. There is a reason why you are not getting the response you deserve, and an audit will tell you what that reason is.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to do everything on your own. Some very, very intelligent people have failed because they tried to complete tasks that were necessary for the success of their businesses, but were tasks that they were unfamiliar with. Know your strengths. Build on them. Make them the foundation of your success. You will inevitably spend more money trying to fix a situation that you didn’t even have to be in when you are working outside of your strengths. Hire someone who knows what they are doing to help you(ME!). OUTsource will INcrease INcome!

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