The Great Debate

With the Golden State Warriors on the brink of winning the 2017 NBA Finals, there is one question I keep hearing. Is it fair to have so much fire-power on one team? Let’s not deal with the “what-ifs” and stick to the facts. The facts are Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are on the same team. They are up 3-1 on a Cleveland Cavaliers team with arguably the best player in the world playing for them, who is complimented quite nicely by Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. The Golden State Warriors won 73 games last season, surpassing my Chicago Bulls for the best record in NBA history, and didn’t win the championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers did, mounting a historic comeback in the process. With all the facts in place, I FULLY understand that people will still ONLY understand from their level of perception.

So understand this people, today’s NBA doesn’t care about your feelings. So many of these players have grown up idolizing great players who have never won a ring. Players like Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, and John Stockton. If you’re a true fan like me, you know the great Elgin Baylor didn’t win a ring either. So the players who are good enough to decide where they want to play, go to teams they feel will give them the best opportunity to complete their legacies. Is it wrong? I don’t give a damn, but there are a lot of people who do. Most of the overly- opinionated people who feel Durant’s move to the Warriors is unfair only feel this way because he is currently beating the hairline off their favorite player. Lebron James is the truth. He is not the greatest player to ever play the game, but his skill-set and accomplishments will definitely keep his name close to this conversation.

With that being said, I think these feelings of unfairness are completely arbitrary. Lebron was getting the stuffing beat out of him in his first stint in Cleveland, so he decided that some changes had to be made. Regardless of what the Heat’s record was prior to his arrival, he felt he had a better chance to win a ring with the help of Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Jesus Shuttlesworth. Not only did he get one ring, he got two. So why is it any different for Durant? It’s not. Realistically speaking, there is absolutely no competition for the Cavaliers in the eastern conference. Even my beloved Bulls don’t stand a chance, and being a die-hard, yet realistic fan, it is still very tough for me to admit this. If the Cavs were up 3-1 we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

The sentiments towards Lebron reminds me of a child watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. Every Saturday they watch their favorite superhero save the world. On one Saturday, their favorite superhero looses a fight, is bruised up a little bit, and someone else saves the world. Now this child is mad at the other person who saved the world, the people who helped him save the world, the network who aired this blasphemy, their parents who bought the t.v., and even the people who made the t.v. I mean come on now, knock it off.

It is perfectly fine to have a favorite player. Until the day I die, the G.O.A.T., Michael Jordan will be my favorite player. So I understand that part, but in today’s NBA, what’s good for the goose has to be good for the gander. You can’t be a true fan of basketball if you’re genuinely upset at Durant for one-upping Lebron at something that Lebron initiated. All I’m saying is that there has to remain a level of objectivity when approaching today’s NBA. Do you honestly think that Lebron will allow Cleveland to keep this same team to come back next year and try it again? I’ll take “Hell No” for $500 Alex. Will the argument be, “Well KD did it, why can’t Lebron do it?” If this is your argument, I will need you to find a closet with a lock on it, lock yourself in, and slide the key under the door. Please.

Let’s continue to enjoy what little basketball we have left, all the while understanding the rules of engagement. You cannot punch a grown man in the mouth and not trigger an automatic thought of retaliation. When Lebron and the Heat punched KD and the Thunder in the mouth, sending KD home crying with blood in his mouth, all KD has been thinking about is getting his lick back. Tonight KD and the Warriors are going for the KO, and as a fan of the game, I can’t say that I’m not happy for KD. Lebron will continue to be great, but redemption is the word of the day. Congrats to KD for joining the winners circle and solidifying his spot as one of the most talented players this game has ever seen.


13 thoughts on “The Great Debate”

  1. I like this blog post a lot. Having said that I must add that I am not really a basketball fan, but of course adore Lebron like other Cavs supporters. We have a rough time celebrating our sports teams here in Cleveland…but hey, ya gotta support your team even when the other guys win…that’s what one of our four-year-olds once said of a baseball game. So true…but hope springs eternal here on Lake Erie…go Cavs!

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      1. Go Cavs! Thanks for the implied re-blog permission, I especially liked your discussion of how some always want their hero to win, and if someone else prevails they are all mad and resentful.

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  2. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:
    Yes, folks, the Cavs did come in second last night. We here in Cleveland tend to be dogged fans of our sports teams…which is to our credit. It is rare that I even read sports columns…let alone read them twice and then repost them on my own blog. But here goes. Thanks for the re-blog MacWilsonOne!


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