Who’s Job Is It?

Life-altering mistakes have been made because of your own psychological and emotional immaturity. As a result of one(or a few) of these mistakes, you are sent to prison. You have served your time, and now you want a second chance at life. Who’s job is it to give it to you?

There is a right and wrong answer to this question. Lets start with the wrong answer. Even if you didn’t have a felony conviction, you should never think that people are going to give you anything. Just think of all of the under-employed people you know of who have never even been to jail. They are probably waiting on someone to give them the opportunity to make more money right now. If you base the success of your reintegration on the notion of someone giving you a second chance, you will fail miserably. I know there is a lot of fake news and alternative facts circulating, but I assure you that it was true when they told you that “gimme” got shot. It’s sad, but he’s dead y’all.

For you to succeed after your debt to society has been paid, or for you to succeed period, you must first wholeheartedly accept full responsibility for your actions and the present circumstances of your life. Repeat after me, “I am the reason my life is the way it is.” Let that resonate within because when it does, from that point forward you will understand that your circumstances will depend on your actions and not anyone else’s. It is your job to give yourself a second chance. Too many times I have heard, “Nobody will give me a chance.” Why would they when you are so easily defeated?

Don’t think for a second that this is a gender-specific issue. Both men and women have given up on themselves because someone else has not given them a chance to do something. Read that last sentence again out loud so you can hear how ridiculous it is. How long will you wait before you realize that you possess the power to change the circumstances of your life? How long will you accept the scraps before you realize that you can get full eating off of your own plate? Just think of the movie “Four Brothers” when “Victor Sweet” made them eat that food off of the floor in the restaurant. Metaphorically, that is what a lot of you are doing right now.

Success starts in your mind. Make the decision right now to be successful. Envision the success you want and the steps you think it’ll take for you to get there. Write all of this down to hold yourself accountable to it and remember that no detail is too small. Be intentional. Don’t do anything or be a part of any relationships that does not align with your goals. This is very important! Toxicity and negativity have no place in your life any more. There will be obstacles, and my book, “From 3 Meals to 3 Mil: The Story of How a Convicted Felon Beat the Odds”, is perfect for helping you overcome them.  Stop waiting on them. It is your job to give yourself a second chance, so I think it’s about time you got to work. Don’t you?


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