Clueless or Reckless?

Clueless or reckless? Being clueless about something would indicate that you don’t know about it. Whereas, being reckless about something would indicate that you do know about it, but you have a conscious disregard for it. At first glance, it would appear that the roadways of Tennessee are permeated with reckless drivers. There is at least one accident per day that keeps traffic more congested than clogged arteries. I’m sure that there will be some people pissed at me for this article, but I am only telling the truth. I’ve been here for three years, and I think that’s more than enough time to make an objective observation. No matter how optimistic I am about the situation, the facts continue to prevail. I really love Tennessee, but collectively, the people of Tennessee cannot drive, and they don’t know it.

Driving is more than just getting behind the wheel and going somewhere. Driving is a skill that has to be developed like any other skill. You can’t get upset with your teenage child for being disrespectful if they were not taught to be respectful growing up. The same thing can be said for new drivers. If they are not taught how to drive initially, they will gain an acceptance for doing it the wrong way. So it is unrealistic to expect the people of Tennessee to know how to drive when it is something that they are not taught.

If it wasn’t for his age, my twelve year old son could pass the road test here to get his license. This road test gives the people of Tennessee a false sense of empowerment because it doesn’t prepare them to be instinctual drivers, but they have just “earned” their license. After two right turns and three lefts, they are granted legal access to operate a 2,000+ pound vehicle amidst other “drivers” who have passed the same “test”. Imagine a doctor only having to know what a pill bottle was in order to obtain a license to practice medicine. Would you trust this doctor?

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, Planning and Development Division, there have been 548 traffic fatalities this year, and we still have five months left in it. 548! This statistic alone should alert you to the severity of having so many clueless drivers behind the wheel. People are losing their lives! I don’t necessarily blame the drivers because they are only doing what they know how. Realistically speaking, you can’t tell someone that they’re doing something wrong if this is something they are accustomed to doing. There is a solution to this deadly problem.

Every state has clueless drivers, so let’s be clear about that because I know that will be someone’s rebuttal. I’m talking about Tennessee because this is where I live, and this is where I have to prepare my kids to be defensive-minded drivers. If it wasn’t so easy to get a license, we wouldn’t have such an epic problem. The requirements to legally operate a vehicle have to be geared towards real-life scenarios and conditions. We can save future generations of drivers by making the requirements to get a license mean something. Right now it is a joke. A joke that has a deadly punchline! It will not be an over-night change, but the sooner the change occurs, the sooner it can begin to take effect.

Someone had to say something. The safety of my family is my top priority, but I do care about the safety of those around me as well. It is not fair for families to continue to lose loved ones as a result of clueless drivers. All I can do is point to the problem. It is up to the state of Tennessee to address it. We can save our children, and their children, if we start now. The test doesn’t have to be anal. It just has to prepare future drivers for real-life driving conditions. Since death is taken so hard, being able to get a license should not be so easy. Right?

*Share this article with anyone it might affect because something has to be done!

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