Education vs. Incarceration

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The money being spent to build and maintain prisons far outweighs what is being spent on education, and that is neither ethical or encouraging. The government has to direct more of its resources towards education, instead of increasing its spending on prisons. Prioritize. Something the government has failed to do for a very long time when it comes to discretionary funds and how they are allocated.

The gap between what the government spends on prisons versus what they spend on education can only be described as ridiculous. More money is being spent to build and maintain prisons than is being spent to educate its citizens. If education were a priority, maintaining prisons would not be perceived as a “necessity”. The manner in which the government spends our money needs to be geared towards progress and not punishment. Society as a whole has this fear factor that is the direct result of increasing crime rates. And where…

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Clueless or Reckless?

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Clueless or reckless? Being clueless about something would indicate that you don’t know about it. Whereas, being reckless about something would indicate that you do know about it, but you have a conscious disregard for it. At first glance, it would appear that the roadways of Tennessee are permeated with reckless drivers. There is at least one accident per day that keeps traffic more congested than clogged arteries. I’m sure that there will be some people pissed at me for this article, but I am only telling the truth. I’ve been here for three years, and I think that’s more than enough time to make an objective observation. No matter how optimistic I am about the situation, the facts continue to prevail. I really love Tennessee, but collectively, the people of Tennessee cannot drive, and they don’t know it.

Driving is more than just getting behind the wheel and going…

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Who’s Job Is It?

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Life-altering mistakes have been made because of your own psychological and emotional immaturity. As a result of one(or a few) of these mistakes, you are sent to prison. You have served your time, and now you want a second chance at life. Who’s job is it to give it to you?

There is a right and wrong answer to this question. Lets start with the wrong answer. Even if you didn’t have a felony conviction, you should never think that people are going to give you anything. Just think of all of the under-employed people you know of who have never even been to jail. They are probably waiting on someone to give them the opportunity to make more money right now. If you base the success of your reintegration on the notion of someone giving you a second chance, you will fail miserably. I know there is a lot…

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Father’s Day Special!

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Learn how to secure the bag with my DIY marketing strategy!!!Don’t miss out on this amazing offer! My PDF gives you step-by-step instructions on how to effectively market your product or service. You are one email…

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They Need Us!

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Do you remember growing up? Do you remember how hard it was trying to find the balance between individuality and popularity? Well, if you don’t, I sure as hell do. I was always different, but it wasn’t until I was an adult when I realized that being different wasn’t a bad thing. Times were different then though. Kids were still cruel, but their reach was so much more limited back then. They had to be around you to ridicule you. So if they damaged your self-esteem at school, you could go home, gather yourself, and try it again the next day.

Most children(even us when we were kids) didn’t know what self-esteem was or how it affected them. We just thought that we were in a bad mood, or the stuff we did that was out of our character were simply behavioral issues. Not knowing that these were issues of…

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