Hourly, weekly, and monthly packages available

All work is done between Monday and Friday, with Introductory rates applied to any work requested on Saturday and Sunday.


First time clients will receive 15% off any package they choose. Successful referrals will also receive a 15% discount.

Prior to the start of our contract, an email and/or phone call will be made to ensure our goals are aligned.

Project reports will be sent out upon completion for hourly packages, and on Friday for weekly and monthly packages.

Social Media Audit

Want to know what is working, what isn’t, and how to fix it? Let me cast an objective and professional eye over your online presence with an audit. This will be an audit of your website, blog, and all of your social media activities.

A Social Media Audit is for you if:

  • the content you post doesn’t get the engagement you anticipated it would have
  • you want to increase traffic to your website
  • you want to strengthen your online influence so that your product(s)/service(s) perform better
  • you simply want to make it easier for customers to find you and possibly spend some money with you

Although all results vary, a Social Media Audit will only improve your productivity! I will spend five days methodically casting an objective eye over your entire online existence to give you a comprehensive list of things you can do to improve it. Also, and the end of your audit, you will receive a DIY guide to implementing your own Social Media Marketing Tactical Plan. So not only will you know what obstacles you have and how to overcome them, you will also be given the tools and strategies you’ll need to better market your product(s)/service(s). For just $200 you will be on your way to getting the response you deserve! After I’m done, your first customer will have paid for this investment and you will be equipped with the tools you’ll need to have continued success. You don’t have to do everything. Let me give you the power, confidence, and the tools you’ll need to control your own destiny! Although these two great offers are available separately, I encourage you to utilize the awesome benefits of both.


For hourly services and social media audits, invoices will be sent when terms of services are agreed upon. For weekly services, invoices will be sent on Wednesdays. For monthly services, invoices can be sent weekly, on Mondays, or bi-weekly, as determined by client.

All payments will be processed through Paypal.



1 hour: $25

Includes: Social media account creation/account maintenance and platform specific advice.


Week: $99 (5 hours)- 1 hour of work for 5 days

Month: $399 (20 hours) 1 hour of work for 20 days

Includes: All Introductory services plus content creation, posting, and customer engagement(2 platforms).


Week: $189 (10 hours) 2 hours of work for 5 days

Month: $759 (40 hours) 2 hours of work for 20 days (Preferred Package)

Includes: All Basic services plus cross-posting on 3 platforms, one blog post per week, and timed target marketing.


Week: $269 (15 hours) 3 hours of work for 5 days

Month: $1079 (60 hours) 3 hours of work for 20 days

Includes: All Standard services plus cross-posting on an additional platform(4 total), an additional blog post per week(2 total), and implementation of a complete social media marketing tactical plan.

*50% of the full amount required upfront for weekly and monthly services, with the remaining balance split over the duration of the contract. Hourly services and social media audits require the full amount to be paid upfront. Work will commence when invoices are paid.

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